Peak 7828


Peak 7828 overlooks Crystal Lake.

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Special note: My camera would not work today. So all photos in this report supplied by Craig. Thanks, Craig!

Also note: this was Craig's first run this far up Lick Creek Road, and Nicole's second time on this side of the canyon (she had hiked to Fall Creek Saddle on a less snowy day, and she joined us on the other side of the canyon last week when we climbed Snowslide).

And approach note: Lick Creek Road is currently in pretty horrible condition. 20mph is enough to loosen your Fixadent.


We started at the second bridge over Lake Fork Creek. The creek looks pretty full.


We did a bit of light bushwacking, then climbed to the bottom of the slabs.

The slabs are a ton of fun, but do require a bit of attention.
#1 Rule: Avoid the wet spots.

#2 Rule: Despite the incredible views, pay attention to your feet.


Just follow the water up; it goes to Crystal Lake.


Dakota and Ruby break the rules, running all over the slabs.


Near the top of the slabs you get even bigger views. The King of the Slabs viewed here is Slick Rock. Trailhead

This might be considered the King of the Forest here. I'd estimate he was here no more than 15 minutes ago.

Above the slabs, we enjoyed dodging around the rocks and snow patches. Trailhead

That led us to an almost-completely-frozen-over Crystal Lake. Time for lunch!

Spoiler alert- That's Peak 7828 up there.


After lunch, Nicole and I were hard at work napping in the sunshine, but Craig and Dave were finding a different bliss.

I employed my silver tongue to convince everyone it would be fun to keep going up. The views almost made my words believable. There's Crystal Lake. Trailhead
Crystal Lake in context. Trailhead

Crystal Lake from very near our summit.


A brief rest, and we were on our way (down) to Fall Creek Summit. From the summit, we descended a few hundred feet of steep snow and then followed the trail back to the road. And finally, about a mile back to the truck.

A very satisfying and diverse explore.

Dave's photos Trailhead
Map Trailhead

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