Shaw Twin Lakes


Conditions check 2020 on Shaw Twins.

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From Farm to Market, I had been watching the ridge, trying to decide if the switchback on the north side had melted out. What the heck- let's give it a whirl. We can always walk over a snow drift.

But there was no snow drift, not until we had pulled into the meadow where I normally park anyway. So a little light post-holing later, we were on the trail.... that's gonna take more than a Silky.


A few more trees and a whole lotta snow later (not to mention trying to navigate the "wet meadow") and we were at the first lake.

Getting around the first lake was more of a challenge than normal because the water was up several feet. That seems to explain the braided trails, which I had wondered about in the past. It seems there is a different trail for different lake levels.


More snow, and crawling over one really big tree, got us to the upper lake. Pretty calm day.


We hiked up to the viewpoint to the north of the lake to survey Lake Fork Creek. It doesn't look like a lot of snow, but these are all south-facing slopes.

I made Art 'climb' Twin Lakes Ridge with me, then home.

Back home, Art went back to work in Roseberry, I back to my book.


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