Snowslide Lake


Solitude at Snowslide Lake.

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NOAA promised an 8% cloud cover at noon, so we timed our outing accordingly. But they lied. The tiny streaks in the photo (click to enlarge) show the barrage of graupel. It was quickly piling up inside my collar.


During a lull, we could sort of see the Black Lee drainage across the valley.

There's Snowslide Peak. We must be getting close to the lake. Trailhead

The lake.

During the summer we never come up here because it's pretty much overrun by people escaping Boise and other icky places. On one such occasion, we were returning from a quieter venue and counted 20 people at the Snowslide trailhead loading up with backpacks. That's too many people at a little mountain lake.

Not today. Not a soul.


The clouds had lifted a bit, the precip had quit, and Dave was working it.

After the photo session was complete, we sat in our chairs for some time, just soaking it all in. Once saturated and satiated, we packed up and headed back home, respecting the occasional water-ice under the snow by walking very carefully (I only fell on my butt once).


The sky continued to lift, giving up nice views.


Beaverdam Peak. On the list, but with this fresh snow it will probably have to wait til next year? Trailhead
Dave's pics Trailhead

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