Summit and Rapid Lakes


A local hike with hardly a nibble.

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The road to Boulder Reservoir was open again after the Copeland fire, but we were counting on folks not knowing that. Sure enough, only one car at the trailhead. On our feet at 8:30 (it's only 20 minutes from my house). Cold; gloves on. And just a touch of smoke as another high pressure sets in.

Here we've been walking for about an hour. That's Boulder Lake in the distance. Along the way we had run into a sheepherder with half a dozen horses and mules in tow. This set up some anxiety worrying about Ruby....


We considered doing this several ways, but settled for going first to Summit Lake. Sun not fully up yet.

Along the way, we had looked down on the herd of sheep. At least the anxiety can rest for a bit.


We walked most of the way around the lake, stopping here to try the fishing (Not!). The photography was better, and Ruby obliged.

That's Buckhorn on the right.


Same view, different lake.

We walked down the outlet from Summit and found an off-and-on trail with cairns that led us to Rapid Lake.


That's Rapid Peak.

No fish biting here, neither.

After trying our luck fishing (nada) we were pleasantly surprised to run into my friends Bill and Lynn having lunch at the outlet. Ruby got to play with Murphy.


We had originally planned on heading out to Vic's, but been there, done that. Little chance of fish?

Instead, we set our sights on what we're calling Boulder Point. I had looked up at this rocky knob so, so many times wondering what the view might be like.


First, we tried to tempt the minnows in Boulder Lake. Tons of 'em jumping, but they didn't like what we had to offer.

Then, with the lake water down, we rounded the north side until we found a suitable shot at the steep hillside above.


I wasn't really surprised by the great views, but pleased nonetheless. A little smoky, though.

Yeah, we were over there. Trailhead

Time to head down there.

Map Trailhead

See Dave's excellent photos


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