2021 started off with a little more snow than normal, and it seemed to last a little longer, too. So we were still skiing into April.

And then it got dry. June snow levels seemed below normal and the temps were definitley higher. Six days in a row of over 100°F in Boise in June.

After a horribly smoky and hot August, we got the first snow in my yard (5010') on September 28.

By any measure it has been a great year, but I note that in 2021 I spent 34 nights on the ground.


For a graphic presentation of the year, see the 2021 Peak Pics Page.

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Harris Creek Peaks 2 1/1 SuperDave , John, George, Michael, Brett, Jeremiah, Pam, Steve, Chris, Alex, and Kathy
Payette Point 1 January 17 Craig
Big Creek summit turns   January 30 John & Tamara, Tom
Snowdon Rock 1 February 4 Craig and Dave
Gallagher Peak 1 February 10 Art, Craig, Dave, Tom
Boo's Birthday   February 16 Art, Craig, Dave
Payette Point 1 February 17 Art, Craig, Dave
Payette Point 1 March 4 Tom, Susan, & Mackenzie; Craig
Blue Gulch   March 18 Craig
Snowdon Rock 1 March 21 Tom & Susan, Craig
Lick Creek ski   March 26 Art
Jughandle Mountain 1 April 1 Bird
ITA Bernard Mountain 1 April 5-11 Liz
Payette Point 1 April 16 Dave, Craig, and Tom
ITA Big Creek   April 18-23 Tom, Tom, Dave, Gary, Ian, Nathan, and Mark
White Rock Ridge 1 April 29 Dave
Willow Ridge peaks 4 May 2 Dave
Hazard Creek   May 6 Dave
Miners peak 1 May 9 Dave
ITA Crew Leader College   May 14-16 ITA
Boulder Lake   May 22 Dave, Tom, and Craig
Snowslide Peak 1 May 27 Craig
Shaw Twin Lakes   May 30 Craig
Crystal Lake backpack/ Clair Peak 1 June 3-4 Dave
Blackmare Summit bike ride   June 6 Dave, John
Malony Lake   June 8 Craig, Dave

ITA Chamberlain Creek
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Star shots/finale

  June 13-19 Craig, Dave, Tom, Art, and Brian
Cly Lakes, The Beast, and Tsum Lake 1 June 22 Dave
Boulder Mountain 1 June 27 me
Duck Lake with Dad   June 28 Dad
Burnside Lake backpack 1 July 3-5 Dave
ITA Seven Devils
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  July 7-11 Dan, Jen, Cole, Gregg, Anne, Dave, Craig
Boulder Mountain 1 July 14 Art, Dave
ITA recon: North Fork Lick Creek   July 17 Tom, Art, Dave
Blackmare-Squaretop Lakes loop 1 July 21-23 Tom, Dave
Nick Lake and Nick Peak 1 August 3-4 Dave
Other Ducker and Duck Peak 1 August 10 Dave
Stormy Point 1 August 17 Dave
Beaverdam 1 August 20 Dave
Marshall Mountain loop
Marshall Fin, Marshall Mountain, and Jeanette Peak
3 August 24 Dave
Boulder-Jug-Louie loop 1 August 27 me
Middle Fork and Buckhorn Mountain lakes   August 29-30 Dave
Rapid, Pete's, and Cougar Lakes 1 September 3-6 Dave, Tom, Craig, Susan
Hershey Point 1 September 11 Dave
Upper Duck and Burnside Peak 1 September 13 Craig
Lake Rock Lake Rock 1 September 14 Susan; Tom, Dave, and Tim
Crystal Lake   September 16 Dave, Tom, Art, Tim, and Craig
Jigsaw   September 20 Dave
Beaverdam 1 September 22 Dave, Tom, Art
Flying Fish and 65ish 2 September 23 Dave, Tom
Boulder-Twins-Louie 2 September 24 Dave, Tom
Golden Lake backpack:
Golden lake Peak and Peak 8361
2 September 26-27 Dave and Art
Boulder Mountain 1 October 14 Mackenzie, Tom, and Jim
Black Lee Peak 1 October 17 Tom
Snowslide Lake   October 27 Art
Anderson Lake   October 29 Craig

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