Big Creek summit


Turns! We got turns on Big Creek summit.

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It has been a while since I skied heavy metal. And the weather looked a little iffy, with an avy prediction of 'considerable'. But John said without any hesitation "I'm in". Well, then!

We were the first ones up the skin track, catching glimpses of sun under the early morning cloud canopy.


It was surprisingly warm, somewhere around 24°. And not a breath of wind.


Well, a little wind on top as Tom removes the lifts.


John and Tamara were right behind us.

We ripped skins and had a spot o' tea.


And then jumped in. I laughed when I heard the patented Fadgen 'wahoo'.


Tamara getting some.


Tom blowing smoke.

We did two laps. Then, as it started warming up we all headed home with big grins.

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