Big Creek summit


We celebrate the Winter Solstice on Big Creek summit.

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First turns of the season! I let John convince me that despite the super warm temps yesterday, we should go ski. When we got to the parking lot, his advice was seeming pretty solid. 25° and tons of snow in the trees. And sunshine!


After the normal parking lot shenanigans, we were on our way.


The higher you get, the higher you get.


And there's Rip-skin Rock.

For the non-ski reader, 'ripping skins' is when you take the climbing skins off your skis. No injuries anticipated.


King John surveying his domain.


They went that-a-way.

About here is when I realized that our long tea break with the black bases of my skis in the warm sunshine was causing a slight icing problem.

But we got that solved and were soon doing some really sweet turns. The snow was getting a little heavy- dang that sunshine! Trailhead
The snow was both a little heavy and fairly bottomless. At one point Ruby fell into a tree well. And here you can see it's right up to her chin. Trailhead

Movie of a tired puppy.

Thanks again John and Tam!

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