Boo's Birthday


Art (aka Boo) has his 66th birthday.

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You probably know him as Art, but to me he will always be Boo. Family knickname. I've called him by that name for 50 years. Either way....

Art and I have been best friends from sometime back in the Pleistocene. So when he was late for his own birthday party, I wasn't surprised and knew just what to do: carry on and he'll catch up.

So while Dave got ready, I put on my snowshoes and snapped a few pics.


It's winter here. Get used to it.


Craig was on time, but coming in from his house (next door).


The dogs were being dogs. Dakota has a fondness of Chinese.


Dramatic lighting.


Craig and I were re-introducing Dave to the trails.


Craig was wondering what had happened to Art. My cell had a message indicating he might be down here. Ruby was alerting.

And then we found him- lost and wandering. On the phone. Party on!

We escorted him back to civilization. Trailhead

And gave him life-saving libations.

As it turns out, Art shares his birthday (and a beatific inner peace) with Kim Jong-il.

66 is a good number. Trailhead

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