Snowdon Rock


Snow so deep it buries the route to Snowdon Rock.

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We used to park at the Snowdon turnoff, but got castigated previously. We now park at the snomo lot about half a mile short of there.

It's a really nice walk along Lake Fork Creek anyway (other than tourons driving back and forth constantly), and today the ice was FAT.


More fatness.

Top-roping here might be awkward; if you fall off, the overhang is going to swing you out away from the ice.


Enough dreaming- on with the slowshoeing!

The new snow was deep. Breaking trail was lots of work. And there was so much snow that I had a hard time recognizing the route. Threading cliff bands in these conditions takes concentration, so I didn't take many photos until I had both Dave and Craig ahead of me grooming the way.


And then we were pretty much on top.

Cloudy, moody sky. Beautiful.


There's Little Payette Lake (or its snowed-in mud hole, anyway). And in the foreground, a little pocket to sit in to get out of the wind.


Dakota in a rare moment of rest.


Ruby following orders of "Up."

No, seriously. Dave has her trained. And then she holds relatively still until told "All done." She has not yet learned to look at the camera on commmand, but still--- she sets a very high bar for other dog models.

Dave and I don't look at the camera, either. Trailhead
Craig Strang photo
See Dave photos.  

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