The "To Do" list


I actually have a much longer list than this, and dates/dreams change, so check back.
Want to join in? I'm always looking for partners--and ideas--and I like to be spontaneous. So email me.



Victims Volunteers

Slick Rock mid-June Kenzie
Middle Teton
South Teton
early July SuperDave, Brian
Mt. Olympus, WA late July Brian, Michael, and John
Altair & Pyramid    
Pavlos/Christian Gulch    
Hum ridge peak #4   John
Tower of Babel    
Ross Peak    
Cabin Creek peaks    
Mystery Peak    
Angel's Perch    
Sheep, Bowery Mountain   Big Dan, Super Dave
Alcyon & eastern Pioneers   Michael, John F., Super Dave
Big Creek area   Jeff, Art, Tom
Longs Peak, CO   Tom, Chris

Mt. Moran CMC route

Elk Peak   Big Dan, Super Dave
Cony Peak    
Cirque Lake Peak    
No Regret    
Far Away Mountain   John F
Shadow Lake    
Eighteen Mile   Big Dan
Merritt Peak   Super Dave
Handwerk East and Florian's Nudl   Sean
Observation Peak   Bro