Backcountry skiing primer (everything you need to know about the gear)






1986 12/17 Pilot Peak Touring, a little tele Gordy, Carl, Kim, Mariel
1988 3/? Mt. Bachelor Racing (scroll down the page)  
1998 4/? Cache Peak Mountaineering, tele Crash
2000 5/2 Mt. Shasta, CA Mountaineering Bro, Todd, Crash
  7/23 Mt. Adams, WA Mountaineering Harry, Brian
2001 3/3 Mores Mountain Yoyo, tele Harry
  3/4 Copper Mountain Tele Carl, Bro, Harry
  12/8 Mores Mountain Tele  
2002 1/19 Mores Mountain Touring Jazz
  1/20 Mores Mountain Tele  
  1/25 Mores Moutain Tele  
  2/6 Pilot and Freemans Tele Carl
  3/3 Steel Mountain Mountaineering solo
  3/17 Jughandle Mountain Tele Art
  3/21 Mores Mountain Tele Crash, Bro, Todd
2003 4/18 Mt. Breitenbach Mountaineering, tele/boarding Bob
2004 3/27 Lost River Peak Mountaineering, boarding Bob
  4/9 Copper Mountain traverse Tele Bob
  10/31 Copper tour Touring Bob
  12/28 Wasatch, UT Tele Tommy
2005 1/22-23 West Warrior Mountaineering Todd
  2/19 Rock Ridge yurt Touring Art, Carol, Kelsey, Tegan; Julie, Jazz
  3/20 Copper Mountain Tele Bob
  11/12 Early Copper Tele/boarding Lew, Bob
  12/4 Bogus to Boise Touring Carl, Gordy, Bob
2006 1/21 Mores Mountain Tele Art
  1/22 Idaho City snoparks Touring Art, Teghan
  1/28 Copper deep powder Tele/boarding Bob
  2/4 Elkhorn yurt Touring Lew, Mariel, Dylan
  2/11 Banner Ridge Touring Gordy
  3/11 Mores Mtn Avy class Avy class Art, group
  3/18 Copper Mountain Tele/boarding Bob, Joel, Tom
  3/27 Stolle Meadows Touring Art, Carol, Dylan
  4/28 2nd, 3rd, and Smoky Dome Tele, touring, mountaineering Lew
2007 1/13 Steam Mill Peak, UT Tele Bill, Suki, Lew, Nicole
  11/30 Copper Mountain Tele/boarding Bob
  12/29-30 Bogus to Boise Touring, camping Lew
2008 2/9 Bogus to Boise Touring solo
  2/16 Second Peak Tele/mountaineering Big Dan, Mariel
  4/12 Copper Mountain Tele/boarding Bob
  4/19 Mount Zumwalt Tele/boarding/mountaineering Bob, Art
  4/26-28 Decker Peak Tele/boarding/mountaineering Bob, Brian
  5/2-3 Blue Bunch Mountain Tele/touring/mountaineering Bird
  5/10 Copper Mountain traverse Tele Bob, Jim, Tom, Charlie
  5/16 Peak 9290 Tele/mountaineering Jim, Charlie
  5/18 Jughandle Mountain Tele Art
  12/24 Bogus to Boise Touring Ralph
2009 2/15 Bogus backcountry Tele Lew, Meg
  4/5 McDonald Peak Mountaineering  
  5/12 Denali Sled hauling Tom, Tom, Tom
  12/18 Copper Mountain Tele Tom, Bob
  12/24 Freeman Peak (movie) Tele Ralph
2010 1/24 Freeman Peak Tele Ralph, Chris, Wes, Tom, Dave
  1/30 Copper Mountain Tele/board Bob
  2/7 Copper traverse Tele Bob, Ralph, Chris
  3/14 Boise Ridge tour Tour/tele Art, Bob
  3/24 Dickey chutes Tour/tele Ralph
  4/3 Pilot Peak powder Tele Lew
  4/30-5/1 Merritt Peak Mountaineering Bob
  5/9 Copper Tel Lew
  5/22 Parks Peak Tour/tele Bob, Ralph, Chris, Tom
  12/4 Freeman Peak Tele Tom, Erik
  12/11 Sunset Peak Tour/tele Ralph
  12/24 Freeman (movie) Tele Ralph
2011 1/2 Copper Tele Ralph, Chris, John, Dylan
  1/8 Couch Mountain Tele Lew, Bill, Steve, Mariel
  1/22 First Peak Tele Ralph
2013   Sargent's Tele  
    Jughandle Tele  
  2/16/13 Peak 9220 Tele Dylan, Mariel
  2/17/13 Copper Mountain Tele John, Tamara, Dylan, Mariel