Other adventure sites


Other web sites with mountain information, inspiration, or constipation

Alex Feldman Links to pictures of a very small slice of the many, many peak Alex has climbed with Dave Ferguson, Steve Grantham, etc..
The Big Outside A blog by author/photographer Michael Lanza, covering all things outside (but people powered)
Boise National Forest The "Trails" page. Somewhat useful: government, you know? They seem to think I should be happy to hike with ATVs running amuck.
Boulder/White Clouds Council A group dedicated to the establishment of a White Clouds Wilderness. Lots of info about the White Clouds, including pictures and trip reports.
Cascade Climbers A bulletin board focused on northwest climbing. Get recent trip reports on Hood, Rainier, etc.
davefaitlemonde "Tuesday Dave"'s excellent photo blog
the Indulgence Dean Lord's blog about hard-core climbing, mountain bike adventures, and other stuff that pays the bills
East Idaho Off-Piste Backcountry skiing in eastern Idaho
Fadgen's Adventures Another Idaho outdoors blog with trip reports and lots of photos
The Granola Chronicles Tom (Dr. Granola)'s climbing and hiking blog
Idaho Alpine Zone Super Dave's hiking page with Idaho adventures and lots of pics
Idaho Climbing Guide If you want to climb peaks in Idaho, you need to own Tom Lopez's book "Idaho: A Climbing Guide." This is Tom's web site.
Idaho Conservation League A local voice for the preservation of Idaho's wild spaces
Fish and Game: McCall When to wear orange in McCall
Idaho Outdoors Forum Where the locals chat, sometimes about climbing ;-)
Idaho Summits Big Dan's informative climbing site, mostly about Idaho. Includes times, elevations, and directions. Very useful. Includes a link to an Idaho climber's bulletin board.
McCall Hiking Club Locals getting it local
Payette trails status Payette National Forest's map of trail work
Pictures of Cascade Valley County area photos
Ramblings Larry Prescott's excellent photos and trip reports, especially focused on the Lemhi range
Sadly, Larry is now deceased
Ridge to Rivers Guide to hiking trails in the Boise foothills
Sierra Club The Idaho chapter of the Sierra Club, a vital conservation group protecting your wilderness.
Star News Valley County's Star News provides a short list of hikes in the McCall area
Summit Post An incredibly comprehensive site covering the entire US and much of the rest of the world. User-written, for better or worse.
How to release your pet from a trap